Month: July 2020

5 Myths About CBT Even Trained Psychologists Fall For.

I have had several workshops on CBT. With interactions, I can say that as much as the participant know about the importance of CBT. There are a lot of myths that are encircling CBT. I am not covering all of them in the following article. Five big Myths that I see very prevalent and needs to be addressed.MYTH 1 – Only specialists can deliver CBT.   Of course, the development of CBT was initially made for depression. It focused very much on clinical aspects of psychotherapy. It was also developed as a face-to-face conversation between the client and therapist. It …

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How Psychology Can Help Us Be Healthy.

“We almost always have choices, and the better the choice, the more we will be in control of our lives.” William Glasser Tweet Choices are complex. Choices are simple. Choices are irresponsible. Choices are impulsive. Choices are deliberate. Choices are designed. Let’s see how and what can be done when we are about to choose. Choice architecture helps us make better choices. Also helps in reducing the amount of strain on our thinking. Choice architecture refers to how our environment is designed to influence the choices we make. Today when you are bombarded with choices. You are about to take action, …

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The changing Role of Teachers. From Mentor to Psychotherapist.

Teachers as Mentors

Mentor. coach. Counselor. Psychotherapist. Teachers. In this world where knowledge is free. Information is easily accessible to everyone who has an internet connection. The new role of teacher is diverse. The teacher is a First Psychotherapist. Of course, the situation currently for teachers is not very relevant. Definitely this can be an opportunity to upgrade. From teachers to a new level of mentors and lifestyle coaches. Now by this, I don’t mean you to be self-help, Guru. What I mean is to learn evidence-based therapies. In this adverse situation to get started with what has worked. So that you are …

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