The changing Role of Teachers. From Mentor to Psychotherapist.

Mentor. coach. Counselor. Psychotherapist. Teachers. In this world where knowledge is free. Information is easily accessible to everyone who has an internet connection. The new role of teacher is diverse. The teacher is a First Psychotherapist. Of course, the situation currently for teachers is not very relevant. Definitely this can be an opportunity to upgrade. From teachers to a new level of mentors and lifestyle coaches. Now by this, I don’t mean you to be self-help, Guru. What I mean is to learn evidence-based therapies. In this adverse situation to get started with what has worked. So that you are sharpened with your skills and are better to deal with children & parents in a different way. Emotion education is going to be here to stay for a long time now. As soon as the whole COVID-19 situation starts to meltdown. We may experience a surge in emotional disturbances. 

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That would not just among ourselves but also among parents, teachers, and all the students. One of the most important things that we need to learn is to recognize what type of disturbance it is. The child or parent might be going through something that you can redirect them. Rather than labeling them with just disorders or symptoms. We have to empathize with them and know our ways to handle them in a different way. The new role of the teacher also demands that he/she should feel confident. Confident to deal with different types of disturbances. So does a teacher become irrelevant? Not really the teacher becomes more important if he or she has upgraded themselves. With the new skills of emotion management. 
So what exactly is emotional management? We at Rational Sanskaar have developed a curriculum of emotions. We are building a future workforce. who can deal with people who are struggling with difficult emotions and thoughts. So teachers play a very important role here. They can implement this program in the school premises online or off-line. People experiencing anxiety and depression no matter what amount of marks they take. Even what background they come from doesn’t matter. This can happen to anyone rich-poor, smart- struggling, clear -Unclear. A person who takes very high marks as well as a person who is struggling to score passing marks.
So if you look at Teacher as a coach there are three essential principles of coaching.
1) The primary goal of when we are getting into the classroom. Or when we are going into the zoom class. The first principle is coaching should help to establish a school culture that recognizes collaboration as an asset.
2) Coaching should develop individual and group capacity. To engage in creative problem-solving and self-reflection.
3) Coaching should provide a continuum of different gradations of professional learning opportunities. So that they can support the specific acquisition of knowledge, skills, and strategies. These might be helpful for them as adults.
Even if you don’t want to become a therapist or a life coach. Learning therapeutic interventions can be very helpful as a teacher. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can be the easiest form of therapy that you can get started with. CBT is known as the gold standard of therapies. It has a lot of different implementations in different disorders and distresses. CBT is also a very structured and active directive therapy that you can use in your day to day life. It can be used to manage your own stress and emotional management. As well as you can help and support in smaller interventions with others. 
Of course, you don’t have to become a therapist and take clinical problems. Those problems you can send it across to the school counselor. Although, Understanding what are the children’s experiences, what are the emotions. Thoughts they might be dealing with. Core beliefs that they are developing can help and support you as a teacher. You will understand the classroom better. It is said that a teacher forms his or her pattern in the first 18 to 20 days of their teaching experience. Strict teacher, sweet teacher, funny teacher, Smart teacher. These might be different labels you might hear about different teachers. Not because they have learned this pattern throughout the years. Rather, in the first 15 or 20 days whatever has worked for them they have continued doing it. 
In the new form of education it becomes very important for teacher to change. Ingrain psychological flexibility. The different types of patterns according to the way the classroom is. Also, understanding the audience experiencing, the emotion of the audience. Changing the content or the data according to the audience matters a lot. Adding value-driven education through regular subjects. Teaching “Grit” through mathematics. Or teaching evidence-based interventions skepticism through science. Evidently has become important things than just finishing a concept of say Pythagoras. Or chapters on organic Chemistry. A combination of learning values, learning emotions and learning social skills. Learning these through subject has become very important. As schools may be finding it very difficult to put another subject of emotion education. A lecture on self-management or value education. There might be fewer resources or there might be lesser number of teachers. 

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The futuristic role of a teacher would definitely be more of a life coach and mentor. Of course, you should know your subject thoroughly. Above that, you need to learn much more than who you are supposed to be. This will be an increasing demand on teachers to know themselves better. To know their children better. Learning different types of approaches and interventions can be very helpful for teachers. Understanding the psychology of kids can be can give you a different perspective. New shape to your classroom. Innovation in teaching and education is just getting started.
Developing assertive discipline as a teacher. Assertive discipline in the classroom online or off-line is a prerequisite. How this can be done? Assertiveness is also an important aspect that teachers need to learn. It is of course a skill training that a teacher has to go through to understand how she can be more assertive. Not sound very passive or in fact very aggressive to the kids. This balance between not being passive or aggressive can be very painstaking. It can stressful as well. So learning different kinds of assertiveness skills can be very helpful to a teacher. who manages different types of classrooms Manages different types of kids. Assertiveness skill training is a part of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Dialectic Behaviour Therapy has different types of skill training too. These include a certain skill training as well as emotional regulation of self. The interventions of mindfulness through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be very helpful. In some classroom settings, A combination can help.
The teacher doesn’t have to be demanding but a negotiator. we have to consider that being innovative means we need to experiment. Experiments may fail Sometimes. The new mindset of Teacher of the experiment all the time is not about being how am I going to manage my classroom. Rather how differently I am I going to manage the classroom today then what I did yesterday. As the attention span of kids becoming less than 10 seconds. Additionally, there are a number of distractions that are increasing. It has become more and more important to manage and handle kids in a different and innovative way. Both teachers and Parents. Once you start being much more than a teacher, a mentor, or more like a coach you will adjust to this new position. You will be supporting others as they evolve in this practice. We see that some of the teachers might be enthusiastic about this change. Some may wonder why to do this? why this all has to change.
For teachers who are on a diet of no more learning no more workshop, this learning and changes can be a bit of a challenge. As far as I know, a lot of teachers are good learners and they want to know more get better and change according to the time. We assume that you will definitely go through a change cycle. You might initially bargain about the change. Then you may be angry about the change you may have to go through. Then you might be feeling a little sad and or despair about the whole concept of getting changed. Once you have accepted that there is no other choice but to change, you can see a new future. A new you and you start learning what is required for the future.
The caliber of you as a coach or a mentor is very pivotal in the success of an individual or groups in your classroom. In education coaching which was seen as a remedial service to date. Have now become an important resource. Ride this wave of change and take charge of the future.

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