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5 Things experience when we are depressed.

These are the days I dislike most. The days my medicine doesn’t seem to function, and I feel emotionally out of it. I’m completely nil inspired, I’m exhausted no matter how much sleep I get, and I’m emotionally drained. There are the days when sadness appears to win, replacing anything good in my life. The positive thing is I’m on this stretch back. Each month or two, there appears to be a few days in the week or weekend where my sadness sets in, playing games with my mind. But this time I’m winning.

Although I always have some better days than most, I’ve learned certain techniques that help me mitigate the intensity of my depression. Oh, anytime you feel sad, five items that made me feel stronger.


When I go into these patches where my depression sets in and replaces all the happiness in life, it’s unlikely that I’m emotionally and psychologically drained.

The easiest thing to do while you’re stressed is making sure you get enough sleep. Feeling stressed may be a way for the brain to remind you it wants to recover. I wouldn’t suggest a limit of nine hours of sleep.


GET started with  Anything.

As I want my room, and nothing but utter darkness, I know this won’t support me. I’m a guy who really enjoys doing stuff. I press for more jobs at jobs because I dislike being idle. Every day I compose for hours because I hate being bored. When I get bored, I forget my thoughts. Oh, when you’re sad, the last thing you want is to be stuck inside your brain.

Get up, walk around a shop, go to the mall, even go to a movie. Maybe do something to better keep your mind off the present thought.



When I start getting sad, I believe the world’s weight crashes on me. All those feelings get bottled to the point that I feel my head and chest could burst. That’s why, when I feel sad, I like running and “let go.”

Personally, I enjoy going to the gym to throw weights and burn some steam. Sweating also feels nice. It also allows me to get rid of what I’m saying. I’m just dropping my headphones, letting go, and removing some bad feelings.

Talk to someone- a Therapist.

We had breakfast at my parent’s house on Sunday morning. No disrespect to them, just since I suffered with feelings, I didn’t want to be there. Ok, I went anyway. I stayed on the floor, chatting. Honestly, talking to people felt good. More specifically, I love people.

As much as it scares you, push yourself to communicate with the people around you. Family, colleagues, co-workers, just speak to people. And if you don’t want to do something, just speak to someone to help relieve your mind and feeling real relations. Let your mind off your mind to motivate people.


Write down

It’s all fresh to me, so man I love it. Writing has supported me in ways I’ve ever dreamed. There’s just anything to talk about and what you’re worried and, and not worry of what people think regarding it. Use writing as an escape to spill all your emotions.

Write about what you’re pleased with, what you’re fortunate within general, what you’re doing. Keep the worries out of your mind. It’s not healthy to have your feelings stuck.

The greatest thing of writing is that anytime you have a difficult day, you will draw on your previous feelings and help bring a smile to your face. You will either look back and recall how you overcome every challenge or look back and say to yourself, “What the fuck was I thinking? “Anyway, it’s bound to grin on your lips.

Know this weekend wasn’t one. Yet not all days would be successful ones. Whenever you feel sad, use these ideas to add peace to your existence. Know, above all, you’re loved. You’re worth spending your life and deserve to be content.

January 31, 2017

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  1. Didn\’t even think about it that way, but – wow, real eye opener!

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