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Animal Assisted Therapy

“AAT is a target-oriented intervention, where an entity achieving particular requirements is an incorporated element of the therapeutic plan. AAT is provided and/or driven by a health/human care professional employed within the field. AAT is intended to facilitate the progress of human physical, psychological, emotional, and/or cognitive (thinking and analytical skills) functioning. AAT is offered in a number of environments and can be community or individual in nature. Documenting and reviewing this operation.

According to Animal-Assisted Treatment-Therapeutic Techniques, AAT is not a counseling type like rational-emotive therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, etc. Instead, a therapist who uses AAT works through his / her clinical foundation and encourages client progress through client experiences with an animal.

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, licensed behavioral educators, educational assistants, instructors, social workers, and others may include AAT in their practice and interventions in several respects.

Animals are a catalyst for helping patients improve themselves. For eg, a kid may not want to move or reach after surgery because it’s uncomfortable, but would willingly take a dog for a walk or throw a ball, ignoring the pain for a moment and going closer to home.

For example, a spastic infant who is unable to lift his hands to exercise will not feel inspired enough to do so. BUT when helped by an animal trainer with the same activity as a “Fetch” gameplay for the therapeutic dog, the infant would be encouraged to raise the ball in his hands with an offer it to the puppy.

We effectively incorporated animal-assisted therapy for:

  • Mentally disabled youth
  • Autistic youth
  • Hyperactive kids
  • Affected mentally
  • Kids with hearing disability
  • Development-disabled infants
  • Patients of cancer
  • Orphaned Helps
  • Elderly elderly
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.

October 11, 2020

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