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Guruprasad Shivakamat has a Masters in Psychology. A Bachelor's in Architecture. Loves to keep upgraded with the latest technology. His latest attempt is to get a certification in Data Science from John Hopkins University. He Experiments Combining Psychology, Design, and Technology.  All his workshops are based upon a different type of psychological technologies like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy &  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They address everyday life issues related to productivity and happiness. And Caters to various Professionals and experts.  He works on different initiatives like “Rational Sanskaar“- an Emotion curriculum for schools, FutureFive Career Design Program for teenagers and young adults & PsyCuration a platform for Psychologists, Life-coaches, and Learners. 

How to make the most out of Internship for Psychology Students.

How we are going to make the best out of the resources that are available, with the office we are working in. So let’s divide this into three different parts Pre, during, and post-internship.

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What is ACT? Acceptance and commitment therapy made simple.

Do you feel negative emotions? Of course, you do. What do you do when you feel them. The feeling of …

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A quick look at your Values

There are hundreds of different values, but below you’ll find a list of the most common ones. Probably, not all of them will be relevant to you. Keep in mind there are no such things as ‘right values’ or ‘wrong values’. It’s a bit like our taste in pizzas.

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