Build Your First Mini-course in Less than 15 minutes.

The Mini-Course Maker's Guide is the perfect guide for those who want to launch a mini-course quickly and easily. This guide provides a framework for creating your course content and launching your course with ease.

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    Jotting the essential

    The quickest way to jot down your course essentials.

    What if you could quickly and easily capture the essentials for your next mini-course? Jotting the essential for mini-course makes it easy to do just that, so you can focus on what's important.


    Are you ready to launch your mini-course, but feeling overwhelmed by the information you have?

    Our Framework for mini-course will help you plan and launch your course with ease.

    Launch it.

    Ready to launch your mini course but don't know where to start?

    Our mini course launch guide will show you how to plan, create, and promote your course so you can get started today.