Weight loss And Back Pain: The strong link.

Weight loss And Back Pain the strong link.

Exercise and weight loss are effective ways to prevent back discomfort, but did you know that a fit body helps prevent back pain? It’s true. Scientists at Stanford University established that overweight people who added 20 minutes of physical activity to their daily routines per weekday cut down their back discomfort risk by 32 percent.

How cbt helps you use Neuroplasticity to rewire your Brain

How cbt helps you use Neuroplasticity to rewire your Brain

What Is Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to experience. It is a relatively new concept in neuroscience and one that is still being studied and understood. However, it is clear that neuroplasticity plays a significant role in how we learn, remember, and recover from injury. Cognitive behavioral therapy […]

How to lose weight with Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

loose weight with Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

How to lose weight with Cognitive Therapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help you lose weight by changing the way you think about food and exercise. This therapy can help you develop healthier eating and exercise habits for long-term weight loss.

Self-Care: Adding massive care in lifestyle.

Putting the care in the self-care

After a long day at work, Jenna was looking forward to her self-care routine. She started with a face mask, then moved on to a hot bath. As she was relaxing in the tub, she heard her phone ding. It was a notification from her boss, asking her to come to work tomorrow. Jenna’s first […]

A day in the life of a Cognitive Behavioural Coach

A day in the life of a Cognitive Behavioural Coach

what is a cognitive-behavioural coaching?   The term “coach” first appeared in sports around 1890 in reference to a trainer who prepared a team. The earliest example of the word being used in this context comes from an article  Coaching and goals  in The Times newspaper from 1891.  The word “coach” is thought to have […]

How Knowing About the Teen Brain Can Change our Approach.

Teenage parents and educators may be familiar with the feeling of having to cope with a volatile personality. A person’s mind and spirit may seem to flip inside out throughout adolescence, making them seem completely different from the youngster they once were. There are erratic mood swings, identity crises, the need for acceptance from peers, […]

What can be done if parents become addicted to the internet?

It’s been 3 days since Raghu’s parents last logged off from their computers. Raghu is starting to get bored. He’s tried everything he can think of to get their attention, but nothing seems to work. Raghu quietly opens the door and walks in. His parents don’t even notice him as he tries to get their […]

Substituting Willpower with systems will make things effortless.

Substituting Willpower with systems will make things effortless.

Here, I’m going to discuss systems and willpower. Because it’s difficult to pin down exactly what willpower is, I’ll use the phrase “that which is spent when I persuade myself to do everything that isn’t the natural action”.  Because I believe I have an abnormally low level of willpower, looking at my life through the […]

The New Productivity Science is About Finding The Joy in Missing Out.

the joy of missing out

I’m fortunate to live in a place where so much is going on. Mumbai is a vibrant city. You may find a conference, an exhibition, or informal get-togethers anywhere you go. For the most part, I never have a problem finding things to do. I also spend a lot of time online. So there are […]