Hindsight to Kindsight – How to look at yesterday.


“Regrets, I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention. And more, much more than this, I did it my way.” — Frank Sinatra Kindsight is to look at our past with kindness. Only if it was that simple. It is a cutthroat Competitive world out there. And as Albert Ellis an American psychologist puts […]

Languishing: the Cocktail of Despair and Flourishing

We do not so much look at things as overlook them. Zen quote The pandemic is about to end. Apparently, it’s been ending for the last year. It’s about to finish. So we want to start something new. Put effort into something. Then you feel I should wait and see a little bit. Both on the […]

The New Productivity Science is About Finding The Joy in Missing Out.

I’m fortunate to live in a place where so much is going on. Mumbai is a vibrant city. You may find a conference, an exhibition, or informal get-togethers anywhere you go. For the most part, I never have a problem finding things to do. I also spend a lot of time online. So there are […]

What is ACT? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy made simple.

Do you feel negative emotions? Of course, you do. What do you do when you feel them. The feeling of anxiety or depression is not comfortable. We want to run away from the feeling. We try to change it, manipulates it, push it away, or try to run away from the experience of that particular […]

Healthy life, Psychology

According to Stanford psychology, how to start a healthy habits and (simply) obey.It’s quick to initiate a new habit, A unexpected approach

Existential Crisis: What is it?

Existential Crisis: What is it? Although there is no proven therapy to combat existential distress, therapies may be beneficial.

5 Things experience when we are depressed.

5 Things experience when we are depressed. Know this weekend wasn’t one. Yet not all days would be successful ones. Whenever you feel sad, use these ideas to add peace to your existence.

Basics of CBT

Basics of CBT. Behavioral interventions rely on developing knowledge to recognize and turn problematic patterns into beneficial activities.