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2021 From Knowledge Worker to Perspective Makers

CBT Primer for Families of People with Personality Disorder

Why are some clients so hard in treatment? Why do they indulge in therapy-interfering habits such as skipping appointments, being frustrated with the psychiatrist/Therapist, avoiding homework, or self-harm? This Mini-course will teach you how to interact successfully with clients with personality problems, including examples to teach you to improve their mindset at both a logical and emotional level so they can achieve sustained mood and function improvements.

Self Care for Health Professionals – Psychiatrists, Doctors, Psychologists and Social workers. (Starts 25 OCT)

Master skills required in this course to successfully manage distress including pervasive emotional problems. Learn how to implement evidence-based cognitive and behavioral techniques for anxiety illness clients by observing gameplays and case presentations. Learn how to build case conceptualization, recognize and analyze nervous feelings, integrate sensitivity in therapy, and perform therapeutic exercises.

Animal Assisted Therapy Basic

"AAT is a target-oriented intervention, where an entity achieving particular requirements is an incorporated element of the therapeutic plan. AAT is provided and/or driven by a health/human care professional employed within the field. AAT is intended to facilitate the progress of human physical, psychological, emotional, and/or cognitive (thinking and analytical skills) functioning. AAT is offered in a number of environments and can be community or individual in nature. Documenting and reviewing this operation.


The first part of Creating a rich and meaningful life.

Kintsugi – The craft of self compassion

This is a mini-course on self-compassion. If you break something and build along with the trainer the workshop would be very fulfilling. Have fun and do let us know how was your experience.

CBT for Diet and Health Behaviors

Health behaviors—things like exercise, sleep, and diet—share in common a powerful impact on health by influencing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and most notably longevity. Unlike other “risk factors like age, gender, or family history, health behaviors are modifiable (you can change them), and therefore they provide a clear target for preventing certain diseases, both on a public and personal scale. We all know smoking is bad for us, that we should eat more salads and fewer cheeseburgers, and so on.

Caregiving Basics

Caregivers perform an essential part in healthcare. A often unpaid and unseen workers, caregivers handle prescriptions, provide treatment, help in everyday activities, and maintain budgets for loved ones. Time, labor, and emotional supporting this position may have a major effect on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of caregivers.

Assertiveness Skill Training

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Motivational Interviewing Advance

Learn how to connect with your Clients and help them discover and develop their own inspiration for improvement.