State of flow how to achieve it.

“Flow is important because it makes the current moment more pleasant and because it creates self-confidence which enable achieve us to improve our abilities and contribute significantly to humankind.”  Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Have you ever found like when you played, you were in a meditative environment, able to perform and implement your abilities without any distractive thought? Can you feel completely consumed by an activity? This is named in the field or in the flow.

No worry, no time-consciousness—just pure, vigorous and high awareness focused function.


Any purpose will make sense

Dr Csikszentmihalyi invented in the 1960s the idea of “flow.” He explains this as a highly concentrated mental state which facilitates productivity in his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi noticed in his study that there was no connection between money and satisfaction. Rather, whenever you seek a positive objective, the human brain is happiest.

“It comes off the ego. Time flies. Time flies. Any action, gesture, and thinking ultimately follows that of the previous. Your whole being participates, and you optimise your ability.” Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

The purpose itself may be to study a language, do a successful job, perform sports or play a tool. When doing the dishes, you might also get in the flow of trying thing get up and be more productive. The only problem is that the target requires your complete focus and consistent signs to assess your success.

In the flow condition 5 phases

As in several practises in awareness in achieve , any effort to enter the flow state becomes simpler.

How to get into the stream

Choose the correct task: you have to find the best compromise between your activity’s difficulty and standards of capacity to reach a flow condition. A friction between the two results in the flow condition. If the job is too simple or too challenging, you will not be able to reach the field achieve.

Establish your objective: to get into flow you need a well specified target. You won’t be able to shed your self-consciousness if you quit functioning to ponder what might next happen.

Cut off distractions: no telephone, no multi-tasks, just the instruments available (so that you don’t continue to close the tabs or close the desktop if you do non-digital work), and you have to make sure your belly is complete and you slept sufficiently.

Take a deep breath: reflect on the current moment, consent, let the ego go. Think not of the current nor of the future.

Act attentively: control your eyes closely on what you’re focused on. Similar to what you would like to do while meditating, put your mind back to the mission whether it goes into autopilot mode or wanders.

This is it. This is it. To gain from the flow condition, you don’t have to be a runner. These five measures will enable you to remain calm and concentrated, and do your best to do more. Offer to do better or do something with them next time.

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