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Internship Curriculum

UNIT 1 – Introduction Covers the Basics of counseling. The formalities that have to be done so that it sets the tone for the session. Intake forms are discussed at length and practically implemented. Various assessments and tests are discussed. Various assessments and tests are looked at. The umbrella of CBT, all the various therapies that come under this umbrella are briefly looked upon. The focus of this curriculum would be an introduction to Beck’s Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), and introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT). 


UNIT 2 – Motivation & Pre-Practicum This unit covers pre-practicum. We will also discuss the key components of CBT. The structure of a therapy session this therapy session can be of any form of therapy. Also, this unit will cover the therapeutic relationship setting goals with a client. And the most important part of unit II would be motivational interviewing. Research shows that motivation even supersedes relational depth to give the best results. The unit covers the exercises and activities about goal setting with the client. 


UNIT 3– Start of Practicum This unit again enforces a motivation check and interviewing. Reflects on the aspects of cognitive case conceptualization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We would also look at the basic structure of autonomous and Sociotropic personalities. At length, the structure of a therapy will be discussed and practiced. Therapy would be performed. Peer counseling and one-to-one counseling will get started.


UNIT 4- The Cognitive Model Performing therapy on peers. We will be looking at the cognitive model, what are the components of the model, and how the model works. The nature of automatic thoughts. A look at core beliefs and assumptions. This forms the structure of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We will be also looking at different types of coping strategies. Strategies that come along with different types of belief systems or triggers. The cognitive conceptualized diagram would be performed. Practical Implementation of cognitive conceptualization and treatment plan.

UNIT 5 – Stories, Analogies and Metaphors This module expands the compassion of teachers from self-care to others care. Especially to their own family & children. Managing their own anger issues. Most of the time teachers are very compassionate to the children of others. Like in a school classroom. But when it comes to their own children they can be a little bit harsh. This module Based on CBT Distortions helps them to handle family better.


UNIT 6– Responding to Cognition/ Interventions We will be looking at thoughts in detail. Identifying different types of thoughts that we call data mining. Then data sorting evaluating the different types of thoughts. Looking at what exact data is the client giving you. Next, we would be looking at how to respond to different types of cognition. Different types of distortions in cognition. We will be also discussing in this unit Socrates questioning. How to question the beliefs and help the client with guided discovery. This unit would end with behavioral experiments and behavioral activation. Examples of different experiments that can be conducted with the client.


UNIT 7- Action Plan The crux of any therapy is results. The outcome of the therapy decides whether the client is going to come back or he’s going to drop. So it becomes very important to make an effective treatment plan. Also to complete homework or Newly termed called action plan. We will look at how to collaboratively design effective action plans. How to do a little bit of an in-session action plan. Creating a structure to completion of an action plan in advance along with the client. When we do this aspect you will actually come to know how you can use an action plan for the benefit of the client.


UNIT 8 -Core beliefs, Reviewing the Action Plan In this unit we will look at core beliefs. The formation of core beliefs and the implications of core belief. We will also be looking at schema focus therapy and how core beliefs evolve. Different types of beliefs related to REBT and how CBT and REBT are Similar but different. We will also look at how assumptions can be changed and how coping strategies can be redesigned. Cognitive restructuring will be discussed in detail in this unit. We will look at how to review an action plan and how to look forward to the new session. Preparation for the coming sessions.


UNIT -9 Third Wave of Therapies This unit will cover the third wave of therapies. We will be briefly looking at Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The formation of acceptance and commitment therapy. We will be looking at the concept of RFT that is the Relational Frame Theory. How the third wave of therapies include mindfulness and different aspects of compassion. Different types of sciences on the basis of which these therapies are evolved. We will be Practicing the Hexa- flex. The different aspects of towards and away move in ACT. 


UNIT-10 – Mindfulness/ Integration with Other Therapies This unit will cover mindfulness and the integration of mindfulness with different therapies. We will be also looking at emotion regulation and skill development of DBT. This unit will also cover the future of blended therapies with CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We will be doing mindfulness and Compassion-Focused Therapy exercises in this unit. This unit will end with how a person can develop his own therapy style. what type of therapy suits and we will be also discussing the assessment of what type of therapy. Like every internship, we plan to end the final session or unit as an outbound training depending on the situation.

What's Included

counseling Internship with CBT And ACT

Hand Hold Sessions by experts and Mentors

Organizing your practice with homework planners, Treatment planners etc.


Personal Profile and and brand creation Support from our team. 

Discounted client resources that Boosts Practice many folds. 


People from every profession and industry are successfully 


Guruprasad Shivakamat

 A Masters in psychology. A Bachelors in Architecture. Loves to keep upgraded with the latest technology. His latest attempt is to get a certification in Data Science from John Hopkins University. He Experiments Combining Psychology, Design, and Technology.  All his workshops use various psychological techniques like Acceptance and commitment Therapy &  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They address everyday life issues related to productivity and happiness. Caters to various Professionals and experts. He works on different initiatives like “Rational Sanskaar“ an Emotion curriculum for schools. FutureFive Career Design Program for teenagers and young adults. PsyCuration a platform for Psychologists, Life-coaches, and Learners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Everything you need to know before enrolling

What is this Internship about? 

Education is our passion. Metamorphosis and PsyCuration are in education and corporate training for 15 years. Specifically is made for counseling and organizational psychology students about learning. We try and deliver practical learning through online and offline interventions. The process of this internship covers from PrePracticum to Branding. Getting trained in practical training in various therapies. Building your brand as a psychologist or as a trainer or as a school counselor. whatever might be your passion we support you. Our aim is to make you confident about your competence in therapy. 

Does the certificate give me permission to practice? 

No. You get An internship certification from the organization. We train you to start your practice. To practice, you need to have a License needed form your country for clinical practice. You can find out more about that in your country norms. If you plan to be a Life coach with non-clinical intervention. There are usually no restrictions for the same. But we recommend you to complete a Masters Degree in Psychology. 


Are these certifications from Becks Institute? 

We cover Cognitive Behavior Therapy as an umbrella therapy. In that, we do Becks Cognitive therapy (BCT). Becks Institute does not give any affiliations. They don’t have any other Centre then their own. So if you plan to get a certification from Becks Institute then you will have to go to their Institute. These certifications are not from Beck’s institute. If you plan to pursue BCT in detail once you like it we recommend you do it from Beck’s Institute. 

I am a student of IGNOU will this program be helpful for me? 

Yes definitely. It is designed especially for people who are still learning. IGNOU, Annamalai university or any other university that offers distance education. It can be equally helpful for people who are doing regular mode Graduation or masters. 


Is this 240 hours a complete course and learning ? 

240 hours include different learning types. Learning with mini projects and interventions in schools and colleges. This will also include some hours of research and development. Topics will be given for different types of initiatives that you will be taking. The research might be done in different areas of CBT, REBT, ACT. Whatever area is interesting to you we see to it that you get to intervene in those areas. Some may like to Work with Hospitals some with schools and some corporates. As we do not provide internships for clinical aspects so they don’t include hospitals. But we do have tie-ups with schools and corporate. Students from Counseling psychology can definitely look forward to intervene in these areas. 

Are there any prerequisites for this course? 

Anyone can apply for the internship. You may be from a psychology background. Many marketing and Social media students apply to understand behavior. We encourage diverse fields. You should also submit an application to the organization. Requesting to pursue an internship with us and get trained under us. If you are applying as a life coach. We highly recommend that you have a graduate or Masters degree related to psychology. But it is not required to start this internship. Experience working with an organization or working with people or Masters in social work is also sufficient. 


Get started Do you offer any jobs after the internships? 

No, we are not a placement consultancy. We are an organization which works in different areas of psychotherapy and interventions. We can put across to people who might need a psychologist in their organizations. We don’t guarantee or promise any type of job after the completion of the internship. We ourselves need people sometimes and if we have such a need we will tell you in advance. If we find you good with your interventions we offer our franchise opportunity. 


I don’t plan to practice as a therapist but I am learning this for my child to deal with him/her can I? 

Definitely, this can be a learning experience. If you are looking out for Clinical related issue of your child. We would strongly suggest you can do the courses that are available for caregivers. This is an intensive internship which is very good for parents but can be exhaustive. As it is designed keeping the students of Psychology and Life Coaching practitioners in mind. Parents who want to deal with their children better or Understand them. You are welcome. Parents looking forward to self-growth can do this program. Parents who want to learn and teach emotion better to the child are encouraged. 


I am a clinical psychologist and I have heard a lot about this program can I do this? 

Even though we provide all the different therapies that have a clinical underpinning. Which includes CBT, REBT, and ACT but we don’t include cases that are related to clinical psychology. If you are looking out for a certification particularly for clinical psychology. We would highly recommend you to just go with a hospital. Psychiatrist who is who can help you with clinical cases. If you’re developing a practice in Life Coaching or non-clinical counseling, you are welcome. We cover all the aspects of non-clinical counseling and Life Coaching and are done in-depth. Many clinical psychologists are interested in our program because of our style of teaching and counseling that we do. If you want to work along with us in tandem with a psychiatrist you can let us know. with advance planning, we can split the hours with the psychiatrist and help you along with it. Some Clinical psychologists have worked along with a psychiatrist and taken the training related to therapies from us. 


I want to develop my practice as a career design career expert Career Counselor is this program for me? 

Yes, we have a different branch in our institute named as future five career design program. It is a completely new career design program where you work on different aspects of testing. Addresses innovative ways of counseling in career-related Issues. As you know the future careers are very uncertain but we definitely need robust testing. We have created Several online testing which is related to aptitude strength test and EQ. Covers interest inventory and various other validated tests like DBDA. We also offer a career Design franchise with all online tests and infrastructure. we strongly recommend that you go along with the Basics of therapy Intervention program. Therapeutic intervention can help you manage your client in a better way.


 How is this different than other internships? 

I would rather avoid talking about other internships. We are pretty sure that our program is developed very much on the basis of the latest technology. We regularly update our course curriculum. We might probably be the only institute that helps you in branding your own name. Start your practice as soon as you’re done with your certification in psychology. We are also having a lot of mini-projects that give you an edge. Balance learning about different areas of psychology and various different therapies. A personal development plan is prepared and executed along with each participant. 


How much time does it take to complete the internship with you? 

240 hours does not mean that it will be done continuously and counted every day. You can take your time to complete this 240 hours. We would highly recommend you to be a part of a group that is along with you. As you will complete the training in the group then you can take your projects and complete the remaining hours. With your own project doing your own according to your own availability and time. Is there a scholarship for this program? Yes, we do provide scholarship for one student every batch. To know more details about it you can send your request for scholarship at [email protected] 


I have some money related issues so can you give me a discount? 

Not exactly. But there is a group discount. There are group discounts for people who come in five or more in batches. You can contact us to know more. 

What does it mean by partial mentorship after the completion of the program? 

Many of the participants feel unsupported as soon as the internship finishes. They might need a certain type of support. So we provide personal coaching and not intensive coaching after the internship. The 240 hours of internship that you go through will have an intensive coaching. The same amount of intensity is not continued in partial mentorship. A weekly call or a fortnightly update is taken from the participant as per the will of the participant. 


What is the infrastructure that I need if we are doing this online? 

We would recommend a strong Wi-Fi and robust electronic gadgets. The classes can happen over zoom WebEx Cisco Cisco or Google meet. Usually, Every country has some norms and restrictions over these platforms. This is the reason why we have kept all three platforms open. We will inform on which platform we will be doing this according to the participants. All the platforms are free to use from the participant side. 

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Dr Priyanka Dinesh Gupta
The concept was new for me. I only heard about mindfulness meditation before. The workshop helped me through the basic understanding of MiCBT and many techniques of it. The part of the workshop which I found most helpful was experiencing the techniques.
Anshul Girdhar
A great introduction
to Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy.
A very informative
and interesting workshop.
Saumya Trighatia
Clinical psychologist

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