LIVING A POSITIVE LIFE: We are so much in need of redesign and restoration in terms of how we conduct our lives. What we truly trust is the way we conduct our lives. What do we really respect? And there is a pressing need to reconcile certain fresh arrangements. — Huffington Arianna

Reading the latest book Thrive: Then, third metric for achievement redefinition and a life of well-being, knowledge and wondrousness by Arianna Huffington made me think about how we are glorifying ourselves and the toll this road imposes on our life.


Money and strength are the two main productivity measures and cause us to work more hours, sleep on our telephones and laptops, skip crucial moments with our family and harm our wellbeing. Arianna provides a third performance metric: prosperous. If you prosper, you look about your wellbeing, you sleep well and you don’t live to function.

Here are 10 ideas for a life of well-being, knowledge and wonder by Arianna and Thrive:

1. Defining success : Then, there’s no prize to work to earn the most money the most hours a week. We are just for the same sum of dust at the end of our lifespan, and the issue is how much love you have introduced into the lives of the citizens and how much the planet has been rendered happier.

2.Try to tackle issues : Worldwide issues include burnout, fatigue and depression. She discovered that burnout affects not just Americans but also staff in Germany, the U.K., China and the globe at the Third Metric Conference in Arianna in 2013. It doesn’t simply equal improved outcomes to work harder—he may also have the exact opposite effect.

3. Create your welfare : Allow time for fitness, yoga, culture, art and family life – it’s not egoism, it’s common sense! Then. take care of yourself. Hockey is my escape valve. Four or five days a week, I’m watching hockey. Four days a week, I still ride a stationary bike and practise meditation. And all this is not enough, I’m not positive!

4. Sleep well : Sleep your way in. Sleep your way up. Get more sleep. Just get more sleep. Then, health threats and elevated tension are linked to inadequate sleep. By obtaining the correct amount of sleep, any aspect of your existence can be changed. Mea culpa: this is an aspect I ought to change since I sleep just six hours a day.

5. Internet detox : Download. We all observe the restaurant people waste their time focusing on a phone, rather than on their expressions. When are you last off the cell and 100 percent focused on the individuals about whom you are? Challenge you and your loved ones to avert digital breaks. When you turn on your computer, your email will be there.

6. Continue to read : We benefit a lot from our parents, our spouse’s and our children’s relationships. Maybe all the experiences that our parents offer have not been appreciative or appreciated so retrieving the wisdom will shed light on a tough task. When you are out of school, studying does not cease—in reality, this may be the start of learning.

7. Listen to your conscience : Listen to your inner voice. Have you ever seen a bunch, skipped and knew you ought to have followed it in retrospect? We’ve got everyone. When it occurs every time listen to your digestive thoughts and stay in tune with your own mind.

8. Enjoy life like a child : Spend time to see life in a museum or art gallery for your children and grandchildren through their eyes. Then, taking the ride you always wanted to see to your bucket list spot. Each activity must not improve the potential to obtain cash or exercise control.

9. Meditate ; Mediation aims to ease depression and to tap our inner voice. How do you expect someone to want to be with you if you don’t want to be with you? When I rode alone, several of my better thoughts came to me. I always felt my imagination go down because I don’t have to go on long journeys too often!

8. Help others : Give back. To be pitiful to encourage people will help to address some of the greatest challenges in culture. Find a way to share your special skills or your time with a nearby refuge, an ageing home or a school for your kids.

If you will see it impacts certain aspects of our lives that are opening up to this third metric. To tell you the facts, I would have given myself a seven on a scale of one to ten, where ten fit well for this list. But somewhere everyone must start.

Then, question is are you able to stop the glory and redefine success?

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