Questioning your routine.

Today in Day by Day let’s looks at systems that can help you question your daily routines.


Building a story in the morning is very important.

“story translates facts into “rules for action.” A story is just about the most perfect way to package and share beliefs that you will ever find.”

What is your story? That you are building today.


Questions to keep things effortless.

These questions Erwann Michel-Kerjan asks when he works with governments to manage risks you can ask yourself before your project.
(1) What risks do we face and where? 
(2) What assets and populations are exposed and to what degree? 
(3) How vulnerable are they? 
(4) What financial burden do these risks place on individuals, businesses, and the government budget? and 
(5) How best can we invest to reduce risks and strengthen economic and social resilience?


Time to reflect on this thought. It comes from a concept called common humanity.

It is even more liberating to reflect that everyone else is in the same boat, whether they’re aware of it or not.

What you plan to reflect tonight ?

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