Reforming Rural Healthcare in The United States. The health care system in America does not function for all Americans. Americans in rural areas still do not have access to the necessities of medical aid. Now, it’s time for a change. 

As per our understanding, two challenges have us trapped in a rut.

Then, Bill Gross sums up one hurdle, “You might try to convince people to think about challenges. But the only way you’re going to make a big difference is if you save them money.” Whereas Paulo Coelho highlights the other, “Everybody has creative potential. From the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.” Reforming Rural Healthcare in The United States

Then, substance of the sentences revolves around saving people money and encouraging creativity. It is the lack of these two that has withheld Healthcare in America. 


People are not able to spend less money on health care.

Most institutional savings go towards stockholders in big, vertically organized, health care organizations. To afford even a semblance of decent health care, rural Americans have had to get very innovative. Then, try to find unbiased facts. However, the quality and inexpensive bandwidth required to do the analysis is missing in many areas.  


Communities who wish to invest in a health care system are often unable to find the necessary funds. One response could be to call for state and community cooperatives to address health care. However, this involves both local and foreign involvement in the extension of education services. This can happen through the expansion of quality internet service in rural areas.


Moreover, to step up and make the groundbreaking changes that are required at the moment, we need to make the people who do not have healthcare our foundation. As Ainsley Harris, senior writer at Fast Company said,

“If we create something in the months and years ahead, consumers that respect what society values should be the cornerstone.”

Communities should patronize enterprises that embody the values they respect. Additionally, people should support Policymakers who share such beliefs.

Then, nonprofit organization, Healthier Rural America, has developed several strategies and action plans to combat the problem. It puts out issues and suggests solutions at Some of the recommended solutions it provides are below: 

[1] The Capability of a Digital Environment 


In all rural America, we must explore how digital environments can enhance wellness. Over there, high-end broadbands ae required. Unfortunately, not all the demands ae fulfilled by the new service models. Then, solution is a  framework that will allow the public model to bring value to private organizations. This will increase the inclusion of models of health care.

[2] Strategies for Growth and Development


We need to establish plans and resources for regional economic and community growth. This is to solve health care sector challenges as well as address the emerging service, supply, and processing models that are being used in the country right now.

However, these need a development in our current mindsets. Rural Healthcare in United States

The aforementioned concerns and ideas need to be discussed with those who are involved in making a difference in rural America. Then, We urge all Americans to work together to build a better rural America that benefits all. Together, we must build a healthier country. Rural Healthcare in United States

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