How cbt helps you use Neuroplasticity to rewire your Brain

How cbt helps you use Neuroplasticity to rewire your Brain

What Is Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to experience. It is a relatively new concept in neuroscience and one that is still being studied and understood. However, it is clear that neuroplasticity plays a significant role in how we learn, remember, and recover from injury. Cognitive behavioral therapy […]

Self-Care: Adding massive care in lifestyle.

Putting the care in the self-care

After a long day at work, Jenna was looking forward to her self-care routine. She started with a face mask, then moved on to a hot bath. As she was relaxing in the tub, she heard her phone ding. It was a notification from her boss, asking her to come to work tomorrow. Jenna’s first […]

A day in the life of a Cognitive Behavioural Coach

A day in the life of a Cognitive Behavioural Coach

what is a cognitive-behavioural coaching?   The term “coach” first appeared in sports around 1890 in reference to a trainer who prepared a team. The earliest example of the word being used in this context comes from an article  Coaching and goals  in The Times newspaper from 1891.  The word “coach” is thought to have […]

After a hard day, here are 10 simple ways to unwind.

If you’re the type to check your email on the commute home or replay the events of the day in your head as you get ready for bed, you’ll understand what we’re talking about here. The chaos of the workday can make it difficult to completely unplug by the time 5 o’clock rolls around, even […]

CBT 2.0 – what’s New in 3rd Edition of Basics and Beyond.

“Our business is to get out of business”    Christine Padesky There is no way Beck’s CBT is gone go out of business. Judith Becks Basics and Beyond have always been a tiny window to look through what is going on in the Beck’s Institute. This edition is interesting. The upgrade is a leap. Though […]

Basics of CBT

Basics of CBT. Behavioral interventions rely on developing knowledge to recognize and turn problematic patterns into beneficial activities.

CBT for Anxiety

CBT for Anxiety. we learn to break the cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that causes anxiety. And — as research shows — this can make