Missing Craft of Taking Rest.

Missing Craft of Taking Rest. I shall leave you with an easy yet rather effective exercise with these relaxation techniques in mind.

Getting to Zen in the Digital Age.

In early 2016, when author and computer science professor Cal Newport released Deep Work, many saw it as a better way forward. In the book, Cal proposed to be intentional with how we spend our time doing our best work and live a purposeful life. 


DIGITAL MINIMALISM. Cal indicates that rather than buy in the performative side of these instruments are strictly constrained.


PROBLEM SOLVING IN REAL LIFE: We should use maps and improvised crosswalks as a guardrail for safety before practice grows

The Epitome of Reality

The Epitome of Reality. She created shared love in us, and made us defenseless against fellowships.

What Fights should we pick?

What Fights should we pick. Bosses and partners of venturing up their cases and of not perceiving the amount we add to our affliction.

Approaching Life Like A Beginner

Approaching Life Like A Beginner. Re-imagine thoughts and fantasies but don’t give up on what’s before your eyes and think with a new clarity.