A relentless search of being positive

Last year I wrote about why booking too far in advance can be dangerous for your business, and this concept of margin so eloquently captures what I had recognized had been my problem: I was so booked up with clients that I wasn’t leaving any margin for error, growth, planning, or reflection.

Dalai Lama on emotions

Dalai Lama on emotions. The dynamic chart helps you to toggle from emotional timeline recognition to discovering the various levels and phrases.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT) in long-form

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT) in long-form. Even in the uncomfortable conditions and potential PTSD, this app helps veterans to live their values in daily life. It is free of charge via iTunes. More about this app is available here.


FACING THE FACTS OF LIFE. Individuals who had been through two terrible events were stronger than individuals who had one, and individuals who had three were stronger than those who had two, for example, raped, tortured, and held captive.