THE SCIENCE BEHIND SLEEPING. To know how to sleep well, the solution is clearly underrated in our productivity-obsessed society: get more sleep.
THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP FOR STUDENTS. Many parents claim that COVID-19 remote learning has changed the quality of their children's bedtime (42%) and waketime (39%).

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THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP FOR STUDENTS: Students from all over the world head to school under extraordinary conditions. The current world has changed a lot over the years. Yet, one aspect of student life still holds the same value – sleep. Then, Sleep influences every aspect of the wellbeing of children and teenagers. So, now is the time for families to integrate safe sleep schedules into daily activities. This serves to highlight the value of adequate sleep.

A: Get A Restful Night

Children and teenagers have changing needs for their growing bodies. Hence, they need different sleep requirements than adults. The AASM advises that children aged 6 to 12 should have 9 to 12 hours of regular sleep. It also suggests teenagers aged 13 to 18 should have 8 to 10 hours of sleep to maintain proper well-being. Yet, a new study showed that 57 percent of parents reported a kid that doesn’t get enough sleep on school nights. Restful sleep leads to better concentration, quality of life, mental and physical well-being.  But students who do not get much sleep have poor concentration, learning. They also show behavioral problems.


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B: Be mindful of time obligations

Students have more time pressures than ever. Parents report some factors that have a major effect on their children’s sleep. They are- early school start times (40%), homework (39%), athletics (34%), and social networking (33%). Other behaviors that affect sleep are sports (32%), socializing (29%), chores/jobs (27%), band/music (26%), and clubs (25%). With the new COVID-19 schedules, it is important to adopt healthier sleep patterns. This ensures that the students have continued progress at home and in the classroom.

C: Render routine

The new school year gives families a perfect chance to adapt to a new schedule with safe sleep patterns. Good sleep begins with a fixed routine and continuity is crucial. Then, Here are a few ideas for kick-offing the new school year:

Establish a schedule. Fixed wake time and bedtime are vital for maintaining a healthy body clock. Indeed, many parents claim that COVID-19 remote learning has changed the quality of their children’s bedtime (42%) and waketime (39%).

Set the mood – Ensure that bedrooms feel relaxed, with a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Find a wind-down routine – from reading a novel to hot water, pursue soothing practices to plan for bed.

Limit blue light emission – Technology prevents the body from falling asleep, which further impacts sleep efficiency. Help kids switch off devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Place the devices overnight outside the hall. THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP FOR STUDENTS

Family, coaches, and role models should provide examples during and after Student Sleep Wellness Week. There is a lot of confusion around this academic year. Students are studying in the classroom, online, and digital formats. 

It is important for students to gain trust and comfort in a safe sleep schedule that will brace them for whatever the day might carry.

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