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The Therapeutic Importance of Pets

Animals help us feel comfortable – and, statistics suggest, a pet will enhance wellbeing. Pets will relieve isolation, alleviate tension, anxiety and depression, encourage social contact, cultivate activity and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. Pet care may help children grow up healthy and more involved or offer meaningful companionship for older adults. Most notably, a pet will bring true pleasure to every human existence.

Since ancient times , people also kept livestock as pets. Historically, many cultures contained pets: fuzzy, fishy, feline, equine and canine. As early as 10,000 BC, archaeologists excavated a puppy’s bones hidden and cradled in a human’s side. A cat resembling an African wildcat was also discovered buried with a human on Cyprus’ Mediterranean island, dated around 7,500 BC. Ancient Egyptian paintings about 3000 BC show house cats, first permitted to kill mice in homes; cats were holy in Egypt and are portrayed in several statues. There are strong proof that individuals, dogs and cats have a special connexion. Many species, except dogs and cats, are kept as livestock. Explorer Christopher Columbus gave Queen Isabella of Spain a pair of Cuban Amazon parrots back from South America in 1493.

Playing or stroking, and observing animal movements reduces cortisol levels and raises serotonin production, mitigating tension. One research showed pet owners had lower blood pressure and heart rates relative to non-pet owners. Another research found children with hypertension reducing blood pressure when petting their puppy. Overall, pet owners have a smaller chance of death from heart illness, like heart failure. Cat-owners have been found to have less strokes than individuals without pets. Researchers have find that adolescents growing up in dog or pet families are less prone to experience allergies.

For those with diabetes, a rapid decrease of blood glucose may be quite dangerous. Any dogs will warn their owner to a risky decrease before it occurs. They can react to body chemical changes that give off a scent. The warning allows the owner time to grab an emergency snack.

Any experiments are ongoing to put specially qualified animals into healthcare environments, and is increasing in more and more hospitals and nursing homes. One of the greatest benefits of having patients to communicate with animals in certain locations is better morale and decreased anxiety.

January 31, 2017

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