Introduction about joy and happiness

Joy is the important spice of the life. “What’s the matter? “The friend questioned. A friend asked. “It’s busy, but when things go easier I can take some time to rest,” I replied. Any time I questioned how I was doing, I recently caught giving a variation on this response. The idea that we’re still busy may give us a sense of success that can seem soothing, but isn’t it a chance of we being too busy to appreciate life? “Too much work, but maybe better next week.”

Unfortunately, it is not a choice for some to be occupied. Students who compensate for their studies part-time, and parents who have two employers just to avoid flooding—not everybody has the privilege of spending their time the way they see fit. However many people have this versatility, and yet they hurry from job to mission, without taking a step back to ask: do I really want this? Or are these tasks just too busy for me to appreciate life?

Research indicates that people want to do what they need, even though the task doesn’t have much relevance for them. Dr. Brené Brown of Houston University defines being “funny” as an engulfing tactic that we should not need to confront the truth of our lives.

We are fearful of idleness because avoiding implies considering what we really want and what we have now. Often the distance seems too big, we will remain on the wheel of the hamster.


The defensive strategy is to be busy. Overloading our senses will make us think that we step in the correct path or at least in the right direction. Getting commitments, expectations, lengthy work lists. But we also stagnate with the endless round of challenges we face without ever thought. Who looks back with satisfaction at his old to-do-lists at the end of the year joy and believes: “Yeah, this year I have accomplished so many things?”


The standard of our work should consider instead of judging success by the volume of work we generate. It should not only assess the efficiency of the production through publicly. It designed indicators of joy but also the quality of its effect on our mental and physical health. When employment represents such a significant part of our existence, logical questions must be answered.

“You can’t reach twice the same channel, since other waters continuously flow on,” Heraclitus allegedly said. It’s like a river, it’s like time. You’re all too busy to live. too busy to spend time with friends and relatives. too busy to learn the way to paint or play guitar, too busy to take this stroll and to cook something good for yourself.


It’s too late, you may say. This is not. That is not. As several people, I have time anxiety. we do anything different. you probably still have many years ahead of you. To decide what “time spent well intended to you and to find way for this moment. It is one of your finest gifts.

The next time you hear about discovering something different. a friend your automatic reaction is I’m just too busy” .

Perhaps you are currently under a temporary period, under which you work on an interesting yet all-consuming job. You sound very excited towards these kinds of events. However, if I’m really so distracted,”. you’ll want to wonder.

Again if you are lucky—we do not take time to worry about the option,It’s wonderful to be involved in interesting jobs. Too distracted to appreciate life, to spend time with people you enjoy and not to explore your full potential. When it is up to you to make the best of your lucky condition, think about it.

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